Patients who have their breathing impaired – whether from a heart or lung disorder, trauma or stroke – discover a ray of hope here at New Vanderbilt as they learn how to breath once again.

The all-encompassing care provided in our large 40-bed Respiratory Unit, dedicated exclusively to pulmonary comprised patients, includes administration of oxygen, management of mechanical ventilators, administering drugs to the lungs, monitoring cardiopulmonary systems, measuring lung function, weaning, decannulation and specialized rehab regimens. The overarching goal – to optimize independence and maximize quality of life.

Our unit’s success hinges on a multitude of factors:

  •           • Team of highly trained Respiratory Therapists work seamlessly with our Pulmonary Physicians.
  •           • Gerontologist visits floor 5 days a week.
  •           • Bedside rehab with OT’s and PT’s.
  •           • Patients are ambulated frequently to maximize stamina and maintain muscle tone.
  •           • Patient is an integral part of his own care – generating much positive energy and trust.
  •           • Family plays a significant role throughout


  • Individualized weaning program are developed for best patients outcomes. Once a patient is off the respirator, the next step involves the removal of the tracheostomy tube. This is only done after close observation establishes the viability of the patient’s medical status. Skilled intervention concentrates on strengthening & reconditioning through a program of decannulation and progressive rehabilitation.

    When the trach is gone, patients are moved to our step down unit where they receive continuous care and monitoring in our step down program. We are proud to send many of our patients back to the comfort of their own home.